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This 61-page eBook will teach you everything you need the know about the wonderful world of hotel collaborations. If you’re interested in landing free hotel stays and experiences around the world, this eBook is for you.

We'll dive deeper into aspects like:
- How to create value
- How to find the right hotels and the right contacts within those hotels
- How to make a media kit and portfolio, including templates and our very own media kit 
- How to write the perfect pitch, including templates and the exact pitch we use
- How to follow-up and keep an overview of your collaboration requests
- The different types of hotel collaborations
- How a standard hotel collaboration looks like
- How to increase your chances of landing free hotel stays
- Our top insider tips from years of experience

This eBook is for you if:
- You want to stay at hotels for free all over the world
- Regardless of the amount of followers you have

Our technique to landing free hotel stays resulted in over 150 free nights in more than 50 hotels in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Australia. We stayed in BnB’s and hotels charging €100 per night all the way up to luxury hotels where the cheapest rooms are more than €3000 per night! Needless to say our technique works for all kind of hotels all over the world, and we are now sharing it with you! 

* no returns or refunds as this is a digital product