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This 79-page Photography and Posing Guide will teach you everything you need the know about the wonderful world of photography and content creation. If you want to improve your photos and learn everything we know about photography, this eBook is for you.

We'll dive deeper into aspects like:
- Camera Equipment
- Photography Basics
- The Exposure Triangle
- Pulling Focus
- Composition and Rule of Thirds 
- The use of Natural and Artificial light
- How to prepare for a shoot
- How to shoot pictures of yourself and how to create couple pictures with a tripod
- Post production and editing 
- Posing tips and our favourite poses
- Our 15 top tips for beginning photographers

Photography has completely changed our lives. We bought our first camera a little over 2 years ago, and had no idea how to use it. Today, we travel around the world full-time, generating an income that covers way more than all our expenses, and we have it all to thank to photography.

Photography has helped us in working with some of the world’s biggest brands like Mercedes-Benz, Qatar Airways, Sony and Estée Lauder, it has helped us grow our Instagram with over 200.000 followers in just two years time, but most importantly photography has helped us create beautiful memories of our journey.